21 Day Fix

Hello my beautiful Butterflies! So, I am going to talk about the new diet that my mom and I are doing together. It is called the 21 Day Fix. So you get these little containers that are color coded and different sizes, you have Purple for Fruit, Green for Veggies, Red for Protein, yellow for grain, Blue is for cheese as well as avocado and a few other things, and finally the Orange is for oils. A little book comes with all of this and tells you what foods can go in each one and it also tells you how many of each you can have a day. To do this, you actually have to do some math! They give you everything you need, but you do have to know weight, it will be a part of the math problem that will in turn tell you how many calories you should be eating to lose weight. They also give you some DVD’s that have different work outs on them and they give you a recommendation on where to start. I have yet to do any of the workouts, but have lost weight just by eating only what I am allowed to.

I think that this is a very effective weight loss system, I was really unsure if this would work for me at all and it has. If I were to actually start doing the workouts, I think it would work even better! I think that of you are wanting to make a change and to make sure you are getting everything you need, then this is something you should try.


Ok, so now I’m going to rant a little…. So this morning I was on Facebook and one of my friends posted a photo about how Feb 15th is way better since it’s half off chocolate. One of the guys on here friends list asked if she had abandoned her weight loss. She responded saying that she wanted to be able to get a bag for two dollars and she wouldn’t be eating it in one sitting. This man then came back and said “well it sounds to me like you abandoned your weight loss”….. this really made me mad, because one, he is also a pretty heavy set guy and two, it’s none of his business. There is nothing wrong with have chocolate here and there, and to say what he did to her was very rude, at least in my book it is. I could not stop myself from responding to this A-Hole… Just because someone is going to have a treat, doesn’t mean that they have given up on their goal. If you don’t allow yourself something sweet here and there, you will lose it and completely destroy any sweet that is in your house. Some people really just bother me……


Round two!

Okay, so before I start this, I just need to say that I am freaking cold!!! I literally just got my car out from being buried under more than a foot of snow……. It was so bad here, that I actually had an adult snow day! My work never closes and they actually closed on monday…. it was great until I realized that I couldn’t find my snow pants…. But anyway, on to the real post.


So I had round two of my laser hair removal today, and it didn’t hurt as bad as the first time! It’s crazy! I’m not sure if I will need all of the Six that I am paying for…. after my first round, I’ve found that not much of the hair that was there was growing back. It’s amazing that only doing this once got rid of so much hair! I have had so much less stress than normal, I feel great! Now that I am taking care of this problem, I am able to focus on my weight. 

With having PCOS, it’s really hard to lose weight…. I was able to beat it a little, but it took not eating for a whole week and then barely eating anything after that. I of course did not do this on purpose. I had what I thought was an allergic reaction, which was actually heartburn. Fun fact, Heartburn can actually make you feel nauseated and make it hard to swallow. I did also find out that I have allergies too… But I became Paranoid, thinking that I was going to have a severe reaction to something…. I still do that sometimes… It’s not fun.

Thanks to that whole situation, I was able to lose the weight that I was having a hard time losing . Now I am finding it easier to lose weight, especially with not being able to eat certain foods now. I don’t look at a scale though, so I wouldn’t be able to say how much weight I’ve actually lost. That’s one thing that I think women and men need to pretty much avoid…. Making you are a certain weight puts a lot of stress on you and I just don’t think it’s worth it. you could be slimmer and weigh more because you have more muscle mass. To me it’s just a number, as long as my clothing is fitting looser, or better… then I am happy. It’s really all about how I feel, I think more people should be focused on that than the number.

I guess this is it for now, I will try to update more on the hair removal. If you have PCOS and have been thinking about doing this, it’s worth it! as long as you have your hormones in check… this will help you so much! Anyway, thank you for reading!