Don’t be “that” person

I have found that the older I get, the more I get irritated by things that have nothing to do with me. For example, I have a friend on Facebook that I used to work with. She is a nice person, but her posts irritate me to no end. She is one that will get on and say that she does not like getting attention and doesn’t post anything to get attention, then turns around and posts something that is the opposite of what she said. Most posts are about how she hates her life and just doesn’t want to do it anymore and she doesn’t have any money…. yet, she went on a trip recently… some of her friends brought it up to her and her defense was that it was money set aside for that trip so it doesn’t count… Wrong, the whole part of being an adult is that sometimes you have to give up something so that you can pay your bills and be able to buy food. I HATE when people get on and complain about how bad their life is and wonder where it went wrong, but spend money on something that could have waited. Why am I so mad about this? I honestly have no idea… maybe it’s because she is always doing this, either her life is amazing or it’s complete shit and she just wants to end it all. If you are constantly going back and forth like that, you need to get help and you should really make better choices when it comes to your money.

If you have to live with your parents so that you can save up money, then you need to do that. if you have to choose between going on vacation and paying your bills, PAY YOUR BILLS! You have all the time in the world to save money again to travel. I am currently planning a trip to Ireland for May 2017. why am I planning now? so I can save money and still pay my bills at the same time. I don’t have an amazing life and I’m not really happy either, but I try to make the best of what I have and certainly don’t post on Facebook about how depressed I am. I save that for my close friends or I talk to my mom about it, I don’t put it out there for the world to know.

Another thing I have discovered that irritates me…. when I’m doing my weekly shopping and I get someone that stops right in the middle of the isle. Really?! get off to the side! Why would you think it’s okay to sit your cart in the middle of the isle? It’s not okay, I just want to get my food for the week and leave. Also, if I politely say “excuse me” don’t ignore me and don’t give me a dirty look as if I am bothering you, I’m nicely asking you to move out of the way. I could be rude if I wanted to, but I work in a customer service type position and have learned to be nicer. So just be happy that I don’t give a dirty look back and just push my way past you.

If you take your children to a Doctor’s Appointment, DO NOT let them wreak havoc. They should not be running around the waiting room and grabbing at items, then promptly breaking said item. I don’t care how you discipline your child, just do it. Your children should know how to act in public and if they don’t, I blame your lack of parenting. seeing some of the kids that come in  my office, makes me not want kids… ever.. I can’t stand little tyrants, and it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I tend to get irritated quickly and after spending time with my mom and aunts, I think I know where I get that from…

Thanks for reading my rant! I mainly wrote this because the girl I wrote about just really irritated me with her posts today and I had to vent. Now I’m not saying you should keep what you are feeling to yourself, but don’t post it on social media.. talk to your friends or family members that you trust with that type of information. To me, when someone posts stuff like that, All I see is someone looking for attention. A lot of things people have been complaining about has been something they brought upon themselves. They made poor choices and instead of admitting that, they try to find something else to blame it on… just admit when you’ve made a mistake and move on.



Guess who’s Back?

First off…. Man, I am really bad at keeping up on this blog. In my defense, I am a puppy parent now so what can I say. Now on with the show!

Today we are going to talk about Hair care, Now because of my PCOS, my hair had gotten thin and was falling out easily. I had seen a commercial for “Clear”, The shampoo that Heidi Klum was endorsing. My mom and I decided to try it out, we needed to start buying shampoo and conditioner that wasn’t almost 20 some each. I was amazed by the results, Both of us noticed that our hair looked healthier and my hair had stopped falling out. I’ve been using it for over a year now and it’s still working great! We were really surprised how well this shampoo works, even though it’s only 5 bucks at the store. We were so use to buying more expensive products that we were not sure what to expect. So if you need a cheaper shampoo that works well, then Clear is for you!

Now another thing I have been using, is “it’s a 10”. This stuff is amazing!! It’s not cheap and is one of the things my mom and I will splurge on. We’ve been using the Leave in conditioner, which works really well and has a very nice smell that is not overpowering. Recently, we picked up a styling cream that they make…. I am in love!! Truly! Using the It’s a 10 Product, My hair feels and looks thicker. I had been so worried that I was going to start going bald, that for me, this seemed like a miracle. It makes your hair so soft and really reduces frizziness.

I strongly suggest both of these products to anyone that is trying to keep their hair healthy, Now obviously, everyone is different. So just because it works for us, it may not work for you…. But honestly, it’s always worth a try.

Now, quick update! My puppy is now 7 months old and freaking adorable… but a pain in the butt. The 21 day fix works really well, I didn’t do any of the exercises… just ate how they told me to and I had lost some weight. Unfortunately, I had gotten the flu not that long after starting, so I lost weight from that….. I had a three day break from the flu then some how got strep…. I haven’t gotten back onto the diet yet.. I’ve mostly stuck with it, just minus the Veggies…. those don’t mix well with an upset stomach hahaha. However, it really does change the way you eat for the better.





21 Day Fix

Hello my beautiful Butterflies! So, I am going to talk about the new diet that my mom and I are doing together. It is called the 21 Day Fix. So you get these little containers that are color coded and different sizes, you have Purple for Fruit, Green for Veggies, Red for Protein, yellow for grain, Blue is for cheese as well as avocado and a few other things, and finally the Orange is for oils. A little book comes with all of this and tells you what foods can go in each one and it also tells you how many of each you can have a day. To do this, you actually have to do some math! They give you everything you need, but you do have to know weight, it will be a part of the math problem that will in turn tell you how many calories you should be eating to lose weight. They also give you some DVD’s that have different work outs on them and they give you a recommendation on where to start. I have yet to do any of the workouts, but have lost weight just by eating only what I am allowed to.

I think that this is a very effective weight loss system, I was really unsure if this would work for me at all and it has. If I were to actually start doing the workouts, I think it would work even better! I think that of you are wanting to make a change and to make sure you are getting everything you need, then this is something you should try.


Ok, so now I’m going to rant a little…. So this morning I was on Facebook and one of my friends posted a photo about how Feb 15th is way better since it’s half off chocolate. One of the guys on here friends list asked if she had abandoned her weight loss. She responded saying that she wanted to be able to get a bag for two dollars and she wouldn’t be eating it in one sitting. This man then came back and said “well it sounds to me like you abandoned your weight loss”….. this really made me mad, because one, he is also a pretty heavy set guy and two, it’s none of his business. There is nothing wrong with have chocolate here and there, and to say what he did to her was very rude, at least in my book it is. I could not stop myself from responding to this A-Hole… Just because someone is going to have a treat, doesn’t mean that they have given up on their goal. If you don’t allow yourself something sweet here and there, you will lose it and completely destroy any sweet that is in your house. Some people really just bother me……

Yoga Jeans?! Say what!?

Hello my little chickens! Today I am going to talk about Beauty and Clothing! I know you are all just so excited for this. 😉

First I want to talk about Make up!! More specifically, Benefits stay Flawless 15 hour primer. I had been getting a trial version with my Oxygen wow liquid make up and had finally decided to try it. With the trial version, it was a little difficult to use…. you had to get some on your finger and spread it on your face, it sounds easy enough but it’s not. Instead of this primer being a gel type, it is solid….. so how they have it, is not very user friendly. After using it for a week, I decided to go check out the reviews for it. Some were good and some were bad…. The bad ones were saying that they liked it when trying it out but when they bought it, it was sticky on their face and made it more oily. I chose to go buy it anyway and found that it is in a stick form, I tried it out the next day and I really liked it. I did one single line of it on my forehead, and each cheek, from there I rubbed it in and spread it on the rest of my face. I didn’t have any problems with it being sticky or oily, it actually made my face less oily and I now use it everyday just because of that. Looking back on the bad reviews, I think that those people were just spreading it all over their faces and not just a little bit then spreading it around. Now, like any benefit product, it is pricey…. but I personally think it is worth it. s1520196-main-Lhero

Now time to talk about Clothes!! So I just got a new pair of jeans yesterday and am absolutely in LOVE with them. They are by the Silver Jean Co. and they are called Joga’s….. The inside is like sweat pants and the outside is a denim jean. These are so comfy, it isn’t even funny. It truly feels like I am just chilly in sweat pants right now….. as I am typing all of this up. 🙂 If you haven’t heard of Silver Jeans, They are expensive. Regular price for Silvers are around 88 dollars, it use to be more around 70 but within the last couple of months it has gone up in price. I don’t get there jeans all the time, but the last longer than cheaper ones and are much more comfortable and fit better. silver-jeans-joga-hybrid-weave-sweatpants-jogging-unisex-stretch-plush-knit-womens-aiko-mens-allan-2014-spring-summer-fashion-collection-trend-watch-01x

This will be all for now, I have to go have lunch with the girls! Next time I will talk about the new Diet I am on. 🙂

And Life Goes On

Good Morning! So, I wanted to take this time to introduce my new family member to all of you. As you all know, I had to put down my best friend in October. It’s been a rough road since then, But with a push from my mom, I have welcomed a beautiful little girl into my life. Since I love Huskies, she is also a husky…. I just can’t not have one! But anyway, her name is Athena and she is an Agouti Husky. Agouti is what they call her Fur pattern, it is also known as the “wild’ color. She very much looks like a wolf and she is just so cute. I had originally wanted to adopt a husky, and I really really wanted a red and white one…… But unfortunately, most of the huskies for adoption were either out of state and won’t adopt out of state, Male…. which I just wanted a Female, Didn’t get along with cats, didn’t get along with other dogs… which we want to get a brittany at some point too, was very old… and I can’t go through what I went through with zoe so soon, or…. The one dog I wanted and could adopt, it took the place over four weeks to get back to me about my application and then after that time, told me that if we wanted her then we needed to adopt a second dog. It was not in our plan or budget to have a second dog right away, the plan was to get another a year later. So sadly, adopting did not work out….. We found Athena at a breeder, which I’m not really sure that I will get from them again. They had way too many dogs and it wasn’t as clean as I wanted it to be, but I fell in love with my little girl.

Athena is now 11 weeks old and has been with us for 3 weeks, let me tell you….. Potty training is hard! I’ve never had to potty train before and Oh My God!! it’s tough, she keeps me on my toes and it really is just like having a toddler. She is all over the place, but takes naps often. I wish we had done this when Zoie was still around, I think she would’ve made it a lot easier and I really think she would’ve loved Athena. She would’ve finally had another dog to play with, instead of having to bother the cat. Speaking of the cat, Athena and Katie are currently at war. Katie is trying to be the boss and Athena isn’t really going along with that. Katie will steal Athena’s bed and blanket, so Athena will snatch Katie’s blanket from her cat perch and chew on it in front of her….. it’s actually pretty entertaining, I’m not gonna lie…. I laugh at them a lot!

10854395_785087898205992_808069207784288330_o 10888530_10152987400140917_3171879522385682862_n

The first one is Athena at 7 1/2 weeks which is when we got her and the other is at 10 Weeks.

Tree of life

Hey everyone! I’m back! So since it is the christmas season, I wanted to share with you my recent project. It is really easy! So I couldn’t figure out what to get my best friend for christmas, I mean I was looking every where and just could not come up with something. I then found the Tree of life pendants that people are making, which are pretty expensive. So I decided to try and make my own tree of life. I looked around to see if anyone had a tutorial for it, I had found a few and they are had the same thing…. They had where you made the circle on your own! I’m sorry but I am not about to buy some tool that I will never use again, just to make this. So instead, I use a key ring for my pendant which I think worked pretty well. I found a tube of Quartz chips in several different colors, I was not about to use some fake bead for a tree of life…. I wanted the real thing! For the wire, I used the size 26… I had thought about using the 22 but thought it would be too big. I got all three of these at joanns… and it took me maybe 20 minutes tops to make…. and I think I want o make a few more!! hahaha but her is a picture of it!


I’ll Love you for a thousand more

Hello everyone, I wanted to give a little update on my life so far… For the moment, I am hair free…. NO BEARD!! Thank the Gods, I mean, I Love them on men…. just not me. I am really happy with how it has turned out. Now, I have taken a break from the Venus Factor… Mainly because I have no time to do it. I am helping my Aunt out out her Job, so I am working 12 hour days. I start at her office then go to my Job after and I just am so mentally exhausted that I just can’t bring myself to work out. I do workout on the weekends, but I am using our new machine that we bought…… What something NEW??!! Oh yes!

So I am currently using the Max Trainer by Bowflex…… This thing is insane! It’s basically a stair stepper and elliptical all in one, and it is brutal! if you do the one program on it that just goes at a stead resistance, it’s not that bad. When you use the program that changes resistance, it is just brutal. It claims that you only have to do this for 14 minutes a day and you will lose weight quickly. I have yet to be able to test that since I am only using it saturday and sunday. I hope that when I am back to just one job, that I will be able to get back to my workout routine. Here is the Link to the Max Trainer.

Now I want to go to something that has nothing to do with Laser hair or Working out….. Saturday morning, I had to make the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. While I was with a friend friday night, My dog had a stroke….. We didn’t know that that was what had happened until I took her to our normal vet saturday morning. I had come home and she didn’t greet me at the door like she always does….. she really didn’t respond at all. I thought maybe she was just tired, so I told her it was time to go outside to go potty and she still didn’t respond. She tried to get up at one point, but couldn’t get her back half to move. I was completely panicking and went to find my mom. We took her to an emergency 24hr vet, which I would have to say the guy was really creepy…… They told us that she looked fine but would need to run tests to really know what was happening. They wanted over a thousand dollars right then, or they wouldn’t do anything. So we went home and I tried to keep her warm since she was really cold which is unusual for her.

Now on Saturday morning when we took her to our vet, we were left in the waiting room….. A Concerned woman that was waiting to have her dog checked out, began talking to my mom asking what was wrong. My dog was just laying on the floor, we didn’t care that over animals were around and she didn’t even flinch when other dogs were barking. After talking to my mom, she walked up to one of the workers and started talking to her. Before we knew it, the nurses were helping me carry her to the back. When the vet started looking at her, she told us that everything she is seeing shows that she had a stroke and that when it happens to a dog, there is nothing they can do. So I had to make the hard choice to put her to sleep…….. I got her when I was about 12… During my parents divorce and she has been with me through everything. Watching her take her last breath was terrible, but it wasn’t as bad as watching her just lay there and not responding to anything. I wanted to be selfish and have them give her a steroid shot, but that would just give me 48hrs more with her. I couldn’t bring myself to put her through that, just because I wanted more time.

Last night was my first night without her and it was terrible. I cried myself to sleep and would wake up if I heard a sound and would look down at her bed that even right at this very moment is still in my room. When I woke up, I thought I was done crying, but when I left my room, the cat came in looking for her. She looked all over the room then just sat in the middle of her bed…. usually she rolls around in Zoie’s bed, not sure why she does that, but she does. When I saw how she reacted, I cried again for the millionth time. Just when I think that I am all good and there will be no more crying, someone asks me how I feel or they say sorry and the tears start again. Even typing this has me completely bawling…. I realized that Her death has affected me more than when I had grand parents die or uncles die. At this moment, I don’t know How I will make it through this…. she was my life. I felt safe being by myself, as long as she was here and now that she’s gone I just feel extremely empty. She was an amazing dog who was more like a family member than a pet.

I’m sorry if this was a downer for you guys, but I just felt that I needed to talk about it, and right now this is a lot easier than saying it out loud. I hope the beginning of this was helpful for someone and that I didn’t drive anyone away with this depressing last half.

RIP Zoie, If love Could’ve saved you, you would’ve lived forever. I love you pretty Girl

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