Don’t be “that” person

I have found that the older I get, the more I get irritated by things that have nothing to do with me. For example, I have a friend on Facebook that I used to work with. She is a nice person, but her posts irritate me to no end. She is one that will get on and say that she does not like getting attention and doesn’t post anything to get attention, then turns around and posts something that is the opposite of what she said. Most posts are about how she hates her life and just doesn’t want to do it anymore and she doesn’t have any money…. yet, she went on a trip recently… some of her friends brought it up to her and her defense was that it was money set aside for that trip so it doesn’t count… Wrong, the whole part of being an adult is that sometimes you have to give up something so that you can pay your bills and be able to buy food. I HATE when people get on and complain about how bad their life is and wonder where it went wrong, but spend money on something that could have waited. Why am I so mad about this? I honestly have no idea… maybe it’s because she is always doing this, either her life is amazing or it’s complete shit and she just wants to end it all. If you are constantly going back and forth like that, you need to get help and you should really make better choices when it comes to your money.

If you have to live with your parents so that you can save up money, then you need to do that. if you have to choose between going on vacation and paying your bills, PAY YOUR BILLS! You have all the time in the world to save money again to travel. I am currently planning a trip to Ireland for May 2017. why am I planning now? so I can save money and still pay my bills at the same time. I don’t have an amazing life and I’m not really happy either, but I try to make the best of what I have and certainly don’t post on Facebook about how depressed I am. I save that for my close friends or I talk to my mom about it, I don’t put it out there for the world to know.

Another thing I have discovered that irritates me…. when I’m doing my weekly shopping and I get someone that stops right in the middle of the isle. Really?! get off to the side! Why would you think it’s okay to sit your cart in the middle of the isle? It’s not okay, I just want to get my food for the week and leave. Also, if I politely say “excuse me” don’t ignore me and don’t give me a dirty look as if I am bothering you, I’m nicely asking you to move out of the way. I could be rude if I wanted to, but I work in a customer service type position and have learned to be nicer. So just be happy that I don’t give a dirty look back and just push my way past you.

If you take your children to a Doctor’s Appointment, DO NOT let them wreak havoc. They should not be running around the waiting room and grabbing at items, then promptly breaking said item. I don’t care how you discipline your child, just do it. Your children should know how to act in public and if they don’t, I blame your lack of parenting. seeing some of the kids that come in ┬ámy office, makes me not want kids… ever.. I can’t stand little tyrants, and it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I tend to get irritated quickly and after spending time with my mom and aunts, I think I know where I get that from…

Thanks for reading my rant! I mainly wrote this because the girl I wrote about just really irritated me with her posts today and I had to vent. Now I’m not saying you should keep what you are feeling to yourself, but don’t post it on social media.. talk to your friends or family members that you trust with that type of information. To me, when someone posts stuff like that, All I see is someone looking for attention. A lot of things people have been complaining about has been something they brought upon themselves. They made poor choices and instead of admitting that, they try to find something else to blame it on… just admit when you’ve made a mistake and move on.