Guess who’s Back?

First off…. Man, I am really bad at keeping up on this blog. In my defense, I am a puppy parent now so what can I say. Now on with the show!

Today we are going to talk about Hair care, Now because of my PCOS, my hair had gotten thin and was falling out easily. I had seen a commercial for “Clear”, The shampoo that Heidi Klum was endorsing. My mom and I decided to try it out, we needed to start buying shampoo and conditioner that wasn’t almost 20 some each. I was amazed by the results, Both of us noticed that our hair looked healthier and my hair had stopped falling out. I’ve been using it for over a year now and it’s still working great! We were really surprised how well this shampoo works, even though it’s only 5 bucks at the store. We were so use to buying more expensive products that we were not sure what to expect. So if you need a cheaper shampoo that works well, then Clear is for you!

Now another thing I have been using, is “it’s a 10”. This stuff is amazing!! It’s not cheap and is one of the things my mom and I will splurge on. We’ve been using the Leave in conditioner, which works really well and has a very nice smell that is not overpowering. Recently, we picked up a styling cream that they make…. I am in love!! Truly! Using the It’s a 10 Product, My hair feels and looks thicker. I had been so worried that I was going to start going bald, that for me, this seemed like a miracle. It makes your hair so soft and really reduces frizziness.

I strongly suggest both of these products to anyone that is trying to keep their hair healthy, Now obviously, everyone is different. So just because it works for us, it may not work for you…. But honestly, it’s always worth a try.

Now, quick update! My puppy is now 7 months old and freaking adorable… but a pain in the butt. The 21 day fix works really well, I didn’t do any of the exercises… just ate how they told me to and I had lost some weight. Unfortunately, I had gotten the flu not that long after starting, so I lost weight from that….. I had a three day break from the flu then some how got strep…. I haven’t gotten back onto the diet yet.. I’ve mostly stuck with it, just minus the Veggies…. those don’t mix well with an upset stomach hahaha. However, it really does change the way you eat for the better.