Yoga Jeans?! Say what!?

Hello my little chickens! Today I am going to talk about Beauty and Clothing! I know you are all just so excited for this. 😉

First I want to talk about Make up!! More specifically, Benefits stay Flawless 15 hour primer. I had been getting a trial version with my Oxygen wow liquid make up and had finally decided to try it. With the trial version, it was a little difficult to use…. you had to get some on your finger and spread it on your face, it sounds easy enough but it’s not. Instead of this primer being a gel type, it is solid….. so how they have it, is not very user friendly. After using it for a week, I decided to go check out the reviews for it. Some were good and some were bad…. The bad ones were saying that they liked it when trying it out but when they bought it, it was sticky on their face and made it more oily. I chose to go buy it anyway and found that it is in a stick form, I tried it out the next day and I really liked it. I did one single line of it on my forehead, and each cheek, from there I rubbed it in and spread it on the rest of my face. I didn’t have any problems with it being sticky or oily, it actually made my face less oily and I now use it everyday just because of that. Looking back on the bad reviews, I think that those people were just spreading it all over their faces and not just a little bit then spreading it around. Now, like any benefit product, it is pricey…. but I personally think it is worth it. s1520196-main-Lhero

Now time to talk about Clothes!! So I just got a new pair of jeans yesterday and am absolutely in LOVE with them. They are by the Silver Jean Co. and they are called Joga’s….. The inside is like sweat pants and the outside is a denim jean. These are so comfy, it isn’t even funny. It truly feels like I am just chilly in sweat pants right now….. as I am typing all of this up. 🙂 If you haven’t heard of Silver Jeans, They are expensive. Regular price for Silvers are around 88 dollars, it use to be more around 70 but within the last couple of months it has gone up in price. I don’t get there jeans all the time, but the last longer than cheaper ones and are much more comfortable and fit better. silver-jeans-joga-hybrid-weave-sweatpants-jogging-unisex-stretch-plush-knit-womens-aiko-mens-allan-2014-spring-summer-fashion-collection-trend-watch-01x

This will be all for now, I have to go have lunch with the girls! Next time I will talk about the new Diet I am on. 🙂


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