Tree of life

Hey everyone! I’m back! So since it is the christmas season, I wanted to share with you my recent project. It is really easy! So I couldn’t figure out what to get my best friend for christmas, I mean I was looking every where and just could not come up with something. I then found the Tree of life pendants that people are making, which are pretty expensive. So I decided to try and make my own tree of life. I looked around to see if anyone had a tutorial for it, I had found a few and they are had the same thing…. They had where you made the circle on your own! I’m sorry but I am not about to buy some tool that I will never use again, just to make this. So instead, I use a key ring for my pendant which I think worked pretty well. I found a tube of Quartz chips in several different colors, I was not about to use some fake bead for a tree of life…. I wanted the real thing! For the wire, I used the size 26… I had thought about using the 22 but thought it would be too big. I got all three of these at joanns… and it took me maybe 20 minutes tops to make…. and I think I want o make a few more!! hahaha but her is a picture of it!