Week Six!

Man, I am really bad at this whole keeping you guys updated thing…. In my defense, I’ve been busy with preparing for the Bridal Shower for my cousin. That is now over, so I should be able to update more…. Should, being the key word. so onto how it’s been going with the Venus Factor!

So I am now on week six, my arms are more toned than they were before. That is a major plus since I am wearing a one shoulder dress for the wedding in May. You can really feel your body working and honestly, it feels nice. now, I don’t really think my tummy has gotten any smaller, but I do have PCOS, so it will be a lot harder for me to get rid of it. For those of you that don’t have PCOS, you may see a difference at this point, but not really sure. I am however half way through the workout plan… Now the whole Calorie thing, I’ve had some issues with. I’ve tried to stick to what they want me to do, but we will have a celebration or everyone wants to go to Famous Dave’s to eat…. I just can’t say no to Famous Dave’s, if you haven’t been there…. I suggest you go, their food is amazing!! You have to like meat though, since they are a BBQ place. So of course I’ve had some issues, even if I don’t eat a lot… I am eating out, so it’s going to be more calories than what I’m use to.

On the plus side, the snow is GONE!!!!! So I’ve gotten to go outside and take my dog for long walks since it is so nice out. When I say it’s nice out, I really mean that it is at least 40 degrees! Where I live, that is wonderful! Gah! okay, I’m off track….. so although I don’t see a big difference where I want to see it, I do see a difference in other areas and I’m not one to just give up because it’s been six weeks and no big change. To have a big change, it’s gonna take a lot more than that…. Too many people give up because they expected to have major changes quickly… it doesn’t work that way, and I don expect it to. I think people really need to take that into consideration, they need to be more realistic. Being healthy is a way of life, you can’t expect to eat crappy but just work out and lose the weight. You have to make better choices, that’s not saying that you can’t have sweets…. I have at least one square of Dove Dark Chocolate a day…. it’s all about moderation. Just remember that this is all about you, do what makes you happy! I’m personally doing this to feel better about myself. Just be you and love the person that you are, don’t do something because of other people… Do it for you.

This is all the time I have today, I promise I really will try to make more time to update and let you know a bit more about the Laser hair removal as well. 🙂

Blessed BeImage


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