DIY Clutch Purse

So, as you all probably already know by now, my cousins wedding is next month. I have been trying to find a little purse, but finding a nice bright red purse is really hard! That’s when it hit me, I should just make my own!! Now of course, I’ve never made a purse or anything like that, but I just had to try. I found this amazing Tutorial on Pinterest and would like to share it with you all. This is the website where the tutorial can be found 

Some advice, make sure you have a ruler or something that can help you make straight lines. If you want the purse to turn out right, I strongly suggest that you make sure the lines are straight and that each piece is the right measurements. This will really help, because if they are correct, then when you are sewing you will be able to make the stitch closer to the edge. Here are the photo’s of my purse.



Now, if you’ve looked at the site, you will notice that my purse is opposite of what her purse is…. I kinda fudged up that part, but on the plus side… it really can go either way. Now I know you are thinking, Um this is not red….. you’re right! I decided to use left over fabric from my tinkerbell costume, so that I could figure out if I could even make this. I did not want to go out and buy the fabric and then have it not work out. Her steps are really easy to follow, for real!!! if you at least have a basic knowledge of sewing, this will be really good project for you… I think I was able to get this done in 3 hours.. Just to pre-warn you, you will need to iron a lot! so just keep that baby plugged in until you see that it is no longer needed. Also, don’t worry if your lines are not straight… it’s really not a big deal, as long as they aren’t like going in a wave. hahaha….. I can tell you that my lines are not perfect at all, and it wasn’t from lack of trying….

Now I want to talk about my sewing machine!! Before, I was borrowing from people I know…. now I have my own!! My mom got it for me as a gift and I LOVE IT!!!! After searching the internet and reading a crap ton of reviews, I decided on a Brother instead of a singer. My reasoning behind this is that a lot of the singers, even the expensive ones, were getting pretty bad reviews. Brother, on the other hand, was getting pretty good reviews… especially the one I got. This Brother only cost about 85 with Taxes from Walmart…. It was cheapest there…… It is called Brother JX2517….. I cannot tell you how excited I was to have it not jam!! My best friend had gotten a 300 dollar singer and it jammed when we were just doing a test piece! So when my Brother was so smooth, I was soooooo Happy!! It’s very user friendly and I think, so far, that it is a great sewing machine for a first timer. The plus side to it, is that it’s not as expensive as most and it works great…. Oh it is also light weight, which makes it really easy to move.

But that is all for now, hopefully this helps someone out there…. if not, it’s also something fun to do! Have an awesome night……. don’t be surprised if the next post is about Hogwarts……. 😉


I will always love you! ( a Realization)

So, I’m sure we’ve all had this happen, your parent tells you that you’ll grow out of it and will no longer like it in a year or so. Sometimes it’s true! Like when it comes to clothing, you get into a new trend and like it a lot, then a year or so down the road you decide that it looks stupid or just prefer a different style now. Sometimes, however, there are things that you will never grow out of. For instance, I wear miss matched socks….. at first it was not on purpose, it’s because those damn fairies would steal my socks and I just couldn’t find any matching pairs! Now it’s just my thing…. Yes, me, a 24 almost 25 year old still wears miss matched socks. Some days my sock do match though!!

Other than fashion, there are things like music, games, shows….. As you know, I am a big Anime fan! I try to watch as much as possible, but still watch my other shows like Game of Thrones as well as living an active life. My parent thought that liking Anime was just one of those things that I will grow out of, But I still love it! I am proud of the fact that I still love watching Anime, my parents however, hahaha that is another story. I think it’s great that there are people who are older than my parents who also love Anime, it shows that it is really for all ages!

Music….. oh music….Music is in my soul. While shopping at Maurice’s with my mother, Aunt, and Cousin, Bye Bye Bye By Nsync Came on. My cousin and I looked at each other from opposite sides of the store and just smiled big and began to sing a-long. That’s when it hit me, even though my taste in music has changed as I’ve gotten older, I will always love Nsync. It doesn’t just stop there, any music that I listened to as a kid, I will always love and know all the words to each song. At that moment, I thought, Take that mom!! I still like them!! It felt wonderful to know that I would never truly grow out of everything. All the years of being told ” go ahead, you wont like it very much longer anyway”, Honestly had me thinking that I would never again like any of things that I currently loved. For me, it’s AWESOME to know that no matter what, it’s gonna have a special place in my heart.

So, for those that have been told time and time again that you are going to grow out of something, don’t listen to them! If you truly enjoy it, it’s never going to completely leave you….If  someone judges you for liking something, ignore them! Don’t be embarrassed to like something, I’m a 24 year old that likes My Little Pony! Does it get me odd looks? Yes, do I care? NOPE! not one bit and I encourage you to do the same! Do what makes you happy! And that my friends is my realization, There are some things that I will always love no matter what. 🙂

I know this is pretty short, but I hope you guys can connect with this and understand exactly where I’m coming from. Have an Epic Day!!! Image


Week Six!

Man, I am really bad at this whole keeping you guys updated thing…. In my defense, I’ve been busy with preparing for the Bridal Shower for my cousin. That is now over, so I should be able to update more…. Should, being the key word. so onto how it’s been going with the Venus Factor!

So I am now on week six, my arms are more toned than they were before. That is a major plus since I am wearing a one shoulder dress for the wedding in May. You can really feel your body working and honestly, it feels nice. now, I don’t really think my tummy has gotten any smaller, but I do have PCOS, so it will be a lot harder for me to get rid of it. For those of you that don’t have PCOS, you may see a difference at this point, but not really sure. I am however half way through the workout plan… Now the whole Calorie thing, I’ve had some issues with. I’ve tried to stick to what they want me to do, but we will have a celebration or everyone wants to go to Famous Dave’s to eat…. I just can’t say no to Famous Dave’s, if you haven’t been there…. I suggest you go, their food is amazing!! You have to like meat though, since they are a BBQ place. So of course I’ve had some issues, even if I don’t eat a lot… I am eating out, so it’s going to be more calories than what I’m use to.

On the plus side, the snow is GONE!!!!! So I’ve gotten to go outside and take my dog for long walks since it is so nice out. When I say it’s nice out, I really mean that it is at least 40 degrees! Where I live, that is wonderful! Gah! okay, I’m off track….. so although I don’t see a big difference where I want to see it, I do see a difference in other areas and I’m not one to just give up because it’s been six weeks and no big change. To have a big change, it’s gonna take a lot more than that…. Too many people give up because they expected to have major changes quickly… it doesn’t work that way, and I don expect it to. I think people really need to take that into consideration, they need to be more realistic. Being healthy is a way of life, you can’t expect to eat crappy but just work out and lose the weight. You have to make better choices, that’s not saying that you can’t have sweets…. I have at least one square of Dove Dark Chocolate a day…. it’s all about moderation. Just remember that this is all about you, do what makes you happy! I’m personally doing this to feel better about myself. Just be you and love the person that you are, don’t do something because of other people… Do it for you.

This is all the time I have today, I promise I really will try to make more time to update and let you know a bit more about the Laser hair removal as well. 🙂

Blessed BeImage