Venus Factor

Hello my little chickens! I have no idea why I chose chickens.. just roll with it… anyway! So I am in the middle of week two of The Venus Factor, and I have to say that I really like it! Honestly! The work outs are really good, they don’t leave you completely exhausted, but they make you feel good afterwards. Now the Calories on the other hand have been a little difficult…. Some days I do really good, and don’t find myself overly hungry at work. Then other days I’m sitting there and thinking “Oh my god, I am starving!”. Usually my fix for that is eating the poptarts that I brought with me along with my other snacks, for just in case I am more hungry that day.

Trying to get to the 1800 Calories for my sixth day was also pretty difficult, I don’t eat a whole lot already. So in order to get me a little closer to the goal for the day, I went and got Coffee from Beaners(Biggby…which I refuse to call it that..) I love the Caramel Marvel… so good! 🙂 I also tried to eat more protein, which was pretty easy since a lot of the stuff I make and can eat have a good amount of protein. Personally, I think this is something that anyone can easily do, of course, if you eat more than 2000 calories on a daily basis, it is going to be a little rough. I honestly feel like this has helped me make better choices when it comes to the food I eat. I find myself wanting to eat more fruits and veggies rather than eating poptarts and potato chips. The plus side with this, is the fact that you don’t have to give up the foods you love… I still have atleast two squares of Dove dark chocolate a day.. well the days I’m at work… my Coworker makes it really hard to say no to them… I love Dark Chocolate, so I’m not really complaining, I think it’s just all about moderation.

Now on to something I wanted to talk a little bit about.. So I was on youtube and saw a video from this girl…freelee something, I can’t really remember. But she is a vegan and she was talking about how another youtuber (Jenna Marbles) Use to be a vegan and how she stopped and has let herself go. I watch Jenna’s videos and I can tell you now that she is very much in shape, she works out a lot, but she also eats what she wants. This girl was pretty much saying that Jenna was no longer healthy and should go back to being a vegan…. her argument for being vegan is that once you become vegan you just drop a whole bunch of weight, so you don’t have to work out. She claims that losing all the weight by going vegan makes you healthy, but I have done my research and know that you miss out on a lot of vitamins that you really do need. The other thing, is that to me, she looks sickly…. she is very skinny and doesn’t really look healthy. Now I have friends that use to be vegan that have instead, become Vegetarians and actually prefer that to being vegan. I think that if someone wants to be vegan, that is awesome! I just don’t want you to tell me that I should go vegan as well because if I’m not vegan, I’m not healthy… which is what this girl is saying.

In my opinion, if you want other people to become a vegan, you should be showing the benefits of doing so, not judging others life style. Talk about vegan products and meals, throw in some work outs too! Make it about being truly healthy! Show them what you think are the best vitamins to buy… there is so much that you could do other than making other people feel like crap…. I did watch a few of her other videos before passing judgement on her, and I have to say I really don’t like her. She claims that she doesn’t fat shame, but then goes into detail on how we shouldn’t have plus size models because it’s unhealthy and we are making people thing that it’s okay to look like that. For those that don’t know, a size 12 is considered a plus sized model…… which is actually the average size for women and honestly there is nothing wrong with that, all the women look healthy and you can tell that they do actually exercise and eat healthy!

For those that agree with her, I’m sorry you feel that way and I find it a little disturbing.. But this is the end of my rant! if you have anything to add, please do so… if you are a vegan, please feel free to give your opinion 🙂 I am completely open to everything and I know for me and all of the issues I have, that even if I wanted to, I could not go vegan. But it would be nice to hear the good side of it and how it makes you feel rather than listening to someone demean others. But I will keep posting as I go through this process. have a lovely day! 🙂