Face Wash

So last time, we were talking about face care and I completely forgot to add in the face wash! How could I do that?! so with out further ado, Face Wash!

So, the first face wash I ever used was Proactiv. I can say that I do believe that it works, but I think it can be a bit harsh. I stopped using it because my skin is sensitive and I just couldn’t do it anymore. If this works for you, then awesome! Now on to the next! Wei East face wash! Last time I talked about the Wei East line and this was part of that. I loved this cleanser, I think it works great and is really worth giving it a shot, especially if you plan to try all the Wei East products.

Finally, my current face wash….Formula 10.0.6. I really love this stuff! first off, it is only 5.99 at Ulta! On top of that, it is really great for people with sensitive skin. they use passionfruit and green tea, which I think really gives you that clean feeling without it being harsh on your skin. It clears up your face and for only 5.99 it’s a great deal!

I know this is short, it really should’ve been with the previous post… But what can I say.. If you have anything to add please do so, I really would love to hear what works for you. 🙂





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