Face Wash

So last time, we were talking about face care and I completely forgot to add in the face wash! How could I do that?! so with out further ado, Face Wash!

So, the first face wash I ever used was Proactiv. I can say that I do believe that it works, but I think it can be a bit harsh. I stopped using it because my skin is sensitive and I just couldn’t do it anymore. If this works for you, then awesome! Now on to the next! Wei East face wash! Last time I talked about the Wei East line and this was part of that. I loved this cleanser, I think it works great and is really worth giving it a shot, especially if you plan to try all the Wei East products.

Finally, my current face wash….Formula 10.0.6. I really love this stuff! first off, it is only 5.99 at Ulta! On top of that, it is really great for people with sensitive skin. they use passionfruit and green tea, which I think really gives you that clean feeling without it being harsh on your skin. It clears up your face and for only 5.99 it’s a great deal!

I know this is short, it really should’ve been with the previous post… But what can I say.. If you have anything to add please do so, I really would love to hear what works for you. 🙂





Face care

Let’s talk make up!

So, I wanted to talk a little bit about make up and face care. I’m curious as to what other people use and want to share what I use as well, maybe it will help someone out.

Alright, to start this off, I really need to talk about something that really helped me out. Wei East! When I was in high school, my best friend gave me a trial size package of Wei East. I was blown away by this product! A lot of people think that it is for older people, but it is perfect for those with dry skin or suffering from acne. I would 100 percent suggest Wei East to everyone, the only downfall with this is that it is pretty expensive. If you have the ability to pay more, then go for it.. If not, you can find it for cheaper on Ebay. If you do buy from Ebay, make sure it is a top rated seller.

Next on the list, Bio Oil…. now, because this is an oil, it may not work for everyone. I personally love this! you don’t have to use a whole lot, it’s around 10 dollars and that bottle lasts, I think about a year. I switched from Wei East to Bio Oil because money had gotten tight and I didn’t have the ability to keep buying the Wei East. Now the Bio Oil is said to even skin and get rid of scars and stretch marks… I have not tried it for that, I’ve just been using it on my face. With it only being 10 dollars,I would suggest just giving it a try. If you don’t like how it feels on your face, then you can use it for maybe stretch marks or scars that you have and see if that works better for you.. But I use this everyday and I really like it.

Make up time!! Okay people…. I’m more of a less is more type of person. I honestly only use foundation… I use to use eyeliner, but when my allergies started, I saw no point. Who wants to have eyeliner on when your eye’s are constantly watering? Not me. So I’m going to talk about the awesome foundation that I discovered. So, a couple of years ago I went to a store called Ulta, with my best friend. She doesn’t wear make up at all, but wanted to learn how to put it on correctly for special occasions. The girl used Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow on her, and she loved it. She said she could barely feel it, which  really means something, coming from someone who doesn’t wear make up at all. I then decided that I would give it a try, mainly because the previous make up I bought made me break out horribly. So the girl gave me a free trial size, that lasts about a week…. so if you do want to give it a try, just go in and ask for a free trial. The downfall with this stuff is the price……36 dollars!!! But I love it, I haven’t had a break out in forever and my skin looks a lot smoother. It’s worth the money!

Thank you so much for reading, and I’d like to hear what works for you!




Round two!

Okay, so before I start this, I just need to say that I am freaking cold!!! I literally just got my car out from being buried under more than a foot of snow……. It was so bad here, that I actually had an adult snow day! My work never closes and they actually closed on monday…. it was great until I realized that I couldn’t find my snow pants…. But anyway, on to the real post.


So I had round two of my laser hair removal today, and it didn’t hurt as bad as the first time! It’s crazy! I’m not sure if I will need all of the Six that I am paying for…. after my first round, I’ve found that not much of the hair that was there was growing back. It’s amazing that only doing this once got rid of so much hair! I have had so much less stress than normal, I feel great! Now that I am taking care of this problem, I am able to focus on my weight. 

With having PCOS, it’s really hard to lose weight…. I was able to beat it a little, but it took not eating for a whole week and then barely eating anything after that. I of course did not do this on purpose. I had what I thought was an allergic reaction, which was actually heartburn. Fun fact, Heartburn can actually make you feel nauseated and make it hard to swallow. I did also find out that I have allergies too… But I became Paranoid, thinking that I was going to have a severe reaction to something…. I still do that sometimes… It’s not fun.

Thanks to that whole situation, I was able to lose the weight that I was having a hard time losing . Now I am finding it easier to lose weight, especially with not being able to eat certain foods now. I don’t look at a scale though, so I wouldn’t be able to say how much weight I’ve actually lost. That’s one thing that I think women and men need to pretty much avoid…. Making you are a certain weight puts a lot of stress on you and I just don’t think it’s worth it. you could be slimmer and weigh more because you have more muscle mass. To me it’s just a number, as long as my clothing is fitting looser, or better… then I am happy. It’s really all about how I feel, I think more people should be focused on that than the number.

I guess this is it for now, I will try to update more on the hair removal. If you have PCOS and have been thinking about doing this, it’s worth it! as long as you have your hormones in check… this will help you so much! Anyway, thank you for reading!