One Giant Step

SO today I took a big step towards my own happiness…. I went for a free consultation at a Laser hair removal company. When I turned 15, we found out that I have PCOS…. having this makes your hormones go crazy and you end up having a lot more male hormones than a woman normally would have. This cause women to grow facial hair! It’s is not anything I would wish upon even my greatest enemy. There are other things that happen as well when you have PCOS, but my main concern right now is the hair.

No woman wants to grow a beard, or have the ability to do so….. it’s not fun and it makes it really hard to be confident. So I did my first treatment today and my next will be next month….. It hurt like a mother! NO JOKE!!!! My skin was so red afterwards, I was like “oh god I can’t let anyone see this!” I got it done around noon and it’s no longer red…. thank the gods! I didn’t want to go out to dinner with my dad and have people looking at it.

One thing I do have to say, it is EXTREMELY expensive! luckily they have a deal going on and the lady felt so bad for me that she also gave me the family discount. Yet still, I’m looking at a little over 600 for 6 treatments…….. that’s with discounts!!! regularly I would be looking at over 2,000!! my God! So of course I had to jump on this deal… thinking about it now, I might have jumped the gun….. I keep thinking, what if I can’t keep up with the monthly payment?! Right now all I can hope is that I finally get in full time at work, of I will have to get another part time job…… awesome! The things I do to give my self a little happiness….. I really hope this works, if it doesn’t, I will literally cry.


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