The 9th Doctor

So they are playing a marathon of the first season of Doctor Who(the new series) and I thought, when exactly did I fall in love with the 9th Doctor. I realized I fell in love with him while watching the Fathers day episode, when rose apologized for what she had done and the Doctor smiled then jumped into action. Now, I know that Many adore the 10th Doctor and don’t much care for the 9th, but I love him and his coldness.

That’s not saying that I don’t like the 10th, because I love him as well! David Tenant did such an amazing job at bringing parts of Christopher’s 9th Doctor into the 10th Doctors Personality. It made the transition a lot easier for me….. Now the 11th Doctor on the other hand, I am not a big fan of. I think his personality is a lot different and I find him to be a bit depressing some times. I know a lot of people love him as well, I just don’t like the Strong Jaw lines like his though, It makes me think of Gaston from Beauty and the beast.

I really wish we could’ve gotten more time with the 9th Doctor, he is just so amazing and I feel like everyone Forgets about him, or pushes him aside! I was excited to find out that Christopher was in Thor 2, even though you can’t really tell that it’s him…… I just want more of him as the Doctor 😦

And now, I am done 🙂 hope you enjoyed this small talk

9Th Doctor


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