Christmas Ornaments

So I made Ornaments to give to some family members as well as friends. It’s pretty Simple, I bought a set of clear ornaments from Hobby Lobby, some fake snow, and Vellum paper. The Vellum paper is a little tricky, with Logos, the pictures turn out fine. However, if you want to do an actual photo, I suggest using a laser printer instead of inkjet. To make them fit into the ornament, I found a template online that was just about the right size circles. This is the site I found the template on 

Now to get the paper in, you need to roll it then push it the ornament. I used tweezers to position it in the right spot. It may take a while to get it right, so don’t get too frustrated. After I had the paper in place, I added my snow. Now I hate glitter, and I do mean HATE, I tend to break out when in contact with it. So instead I used “Frosted” Snow, it looks like it could be made of Wax paper or something, and completely glitter free. 

When it comes to printing on the vellum paper, you may have to tape it to a regular piece of printer paper. I have an Epson Artisan 50 and it would not take the Vellum paper. It kept saying there was a jam, yet there was not. Also, when you tape it to the paper, make sure that you tape it in three different spots on the end that the printer will be grabbing a hold of. if you don’t, you will have a bad time. If you have any question, please feel free to ask. Blessed Be! 








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