We attack each other

So, I was watching Heroes of Cosplay last night, just like I do every Tuesday night since it started, and I had a realization. I realized that people will attack others that on their side! On last night’s episode, some of the girls went to Kansas City for a con and entered into the group competition. A group of girls dressed as the different Doctors from Doctor Who that are from the area were behind some of our heroes and began to put them down. They told the group that they didn’t belong there and that they didn’t even make their costumes, so they should just leave. 

This made me really upset, as Geeks, we have enough “normal” People mocking us and trying to make us feel bad about our selves, why do that to each other?! I was happy when Holly defended herself and her friends, saying that cosplaying is about having fun and that they shouldn’t be attacking each other. I was disappointed when one of the Doctors put her nose in the air and said she was done talking to them. Really?! I hope they watch the show and see how much work all the girls put into their costumes and feel bad about how they treated them.

Myself and some friends had been discussing this issue long before this came up on the show. I have been to a few Cons before and thankfully I’ve only ran into one person that was rude about our costumes, and that was because we made a girls verizion of a boys school uniform. It is sadly common for people to be bullied by people that should, and usually do, understand them and like the same things. I don’t understand why people do this to each other, you’re already Alienated by those that think you’re a freak, why then turn on each other and alienate someone that could be a good friend?

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, you may have seen some of this going on. There are people who get upset that black people are cosplaying a character who is white! It’s so stupid, I’m sorry, are we only allowed to cosplay our own race? If that’s so, then the majority who cosplay shouldn’t because a lot of us are cosplaying anime characters…..who are asian…… yep…

Why is it that we can’t get along and say “wow your costume looks awesome!” Instead we say “you’re too big for that character” or “you can’t cosplay that character, you’re too dark.” I feel like a lot of it has to do with Jealousy, why else would you try to get someone to leave or just make them feel bad about themselves?

So, this realization……I realized that even those that are like minded, who enjoy the same things, will attack each other even when they could be the best of friends…. what a sad world we live in.Image


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