Say What??!!

So, I’m not sure if this is a realization or a rant……. Let’s find out shall we!?

Ok, what the Fuck people………I just, I don’t think I can handle other people. I hate people, that’s something I say a lot, and a good chunk of the time, I actually mean it. This seriously just happened…… so I have Wendy’s on facebook, I originally added them because I wanted to convince them that they need sweet potato fries. So They post a picture of a frosty and fries, the frosty looks like someone was already dipping fries in it. They wanted to know who you would blame for eating some of your frosty and fries. I wish I made this up, but sadly some person said they refuse to go to wendy’s because they make their fries homemade and use sea salt. 

What makes this even more sad is that she was not the only one, a guy also said the same thing and THREE people LIKED the comment. It’s healthier and actually tastes better people!! This made me realize that people truly like being unhealthy, this thought never occured to me. Me, being the person I am, thought that people just didn’t have a lot of money and went for the cheapest food which tends to be unhealthy. I never once thought that even given the option for something a little bit better for you and at the same price for crap you would get from Mc D’s, that they would still rather have the unhealthiest version.

What kind of world has this come to where people say ” Ewwww, homemade fries and sea salt, that’s disgusting” Sea salt tastes the same as regular salt, the difference you ask? It’s better for you and you don’t have to use as much to get the same flavor you would get with regular salt. Never in my life have I said that I would rather have Mc D’s fries rather than Wendy’s fries. Wendy’s fries don’t make me feel like I’m going to die…… That’s a good thing! I don’t want to eat something and go Yep I’m gonna die soon…… I just…. I can’t….. I hate people, that’s it…….

So I guess this can still count as a realization, even though it was more of me ranting but I mean come on people!


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