One more realization for the day….. I know I know…. But I really need to write this down be fore it’s forgotten.

Some people are shitty ass friends! This is what I’ve realized tonight as I was at The Used concert with my cousins. This guy was completely drunk, as in he is swaying everywhere and I felt like him and I were about to preform a trust fall. This guy was grabing girls here and there and he even started grabing and hugging an older woman. He didn’t know anyone, and his friend just let him continue.

The real kicker here, is that the woman sat him down in the seat in which I was previously using. Just so you know, we were in a bar and the table we got was the closest to the stage. So we were checking on him to make sure he was okay and we even gave him our water to drink. He was actually very nice and kept saying he was sorry. The real problem, is not once did his friend look back to see if he was okay! He just allowed his wasted friend to walk off, he didn’t even know we had sat him down.

Finally when the concert had ended, his friend finally showed up and started to talk to him. We left, thinking that he was going to be taken care of by someone he knows. We stood closer to the stage as we waited for the place to clear out a little bit so that we could actually get out side. He was once again left alone as his friend walks away and goes to the bar to see if he can get another beer! Really! A staff member went over to check on the guy since his head was once again on the table.

I just can’t for the life of me believe that some one be that shitty of a friend to know that your friend is completely drunk and just let them walk away. Not even caring where they went to! He could’ve decided to leave and try to walk down the steep stair case. I just don’t understand people………

So this is my realization, some people can be really shitty friends……. please make sure your friends aren’t.Image


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