Best Friends Forever? Maybe Not

I recently realized that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone, they might just walk out of your life without even saying anything to you. Some friendships last and sadly, some don’t. When you’re young, you think that your best friend will always be your best friend. Maybe you will gain a few more best friends, but always have your first bestie by your side. I learned that it doens’t always work out that way. I’ve gotten to watch my younger brother, who just turned 21, and his best friend since the age of 5 still as close as ever. Myself on the other hand, I’ve found that my best friend of 12 years is moving further and further away. It’s sad really, no matter what I do to keep us together, it’s like she pulls back even more. Instead she is making friends with people online and talks more to them than she does with me. It’s a hard thing to go through, espcially since she really is my only friend. Once you become an adult, it’s hard to find time to make new friends and I think it becomes harder.

It makes you want to go back to the days that you thought it was all going to last forever. Sometimes I find myself wanting to tell my nieces that Best friends don’t always last forever, then I think, Why destroy their dream. Maybe they will be the exception, like my brother and his best friend. I can’t tell them or anyone else for that matter, that they will never have a best friend for life. Someone that will always be there for them and who they will be there for.

I do have some advice, be open with your best friend. Don’t make them always text or call you to hang out, it goes both ways. If you don’t want to be friends with someone, tell them! Don’t just stop talking to them, or put cryptic posts on facebook and then tell your best friend that you don’t want to talk about it. Don’t say you will be somewhere, then not show up or call, Best friends don’t do that to each other. 

If you know that your bestie is always  texting while hanging out with you, and then takes from an hour to a couple of days to answer your text, then you’re not best friends. Trust me, I know….. It’s hard to give up on someone that has been in your life for so long, but nothing lasts forever. It’s best to let something like that go, why fight for someone who wont fight for you?


This one may seem like a downer, and for anyone actually reading, I am sorry. It’s just something I’m going through right now and felt like I needed to vent a little, people may not realize it, but it’s hard being the loyal one all the time.Image


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